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Small Fan & Mini Air Conditioner - Handy Cooler™

The Handy Cooler™ is not your normal small fan. The Handy Cooler™ is your own portable mini air conditioner that provides you with a continuous stream of cool air that's perfect whether you're at home or on the go. Handy Cooler's™ sleek, ergonomic design runs on batteries, USB, or a standard 110V outlet (sold separately) for true versatility. To activate your mini air conditioner, all you have to do is soak the cellulose cooling filter (included) with water and turn the Handy Cooler™ on -- you'll immediately get a comfortable and refreshing supply of evaporated air greatly superior to that of other small fans. The humidifying effect of the Handy Cooler™ mini air conditioner also helps with breathing problems and provides essential moisture to the skin.

A mini fan that cools the air... inspired by a patent-pending design

We've all lived with air coolers and swamp coolers, especially those who live in hot and dry environments. We sweat to allow induce evaporation on your skin, which cools our body down. Air coolers work in the same way - they force air through a wet pad to consume heat energy for evaporation, and in result cooling the air down. This is a simple yet magnificent piece of human invention. We've all also lived with those portable blade-spinning battery fans we bought from drug stores. Don't underestimate these little machines - they are survival necessities when it gets too hot to bear. Now merge the two products together and shrink it down... what you get is the ultimate mini battery fan that really cools you down.

Hybrid as a desk fan in your office, and a hand-held fan on your journey back home

We know you work in an office without proper ventilation stuffed inside your modest cubicle, this is why we designed this for you. Featuring USB power and a full-analog variable speed control, this is the perfect fan for your office table. Replace your bulky desk fan with something that really cools the air instead. Add aromatherapy oils to double the Handy Cooler™ as your aroma-diffuser. Don't worry about the desktop clutter, the Handy Cooler™ is designed to look pretty whilst taking up minimal table space. 
Time to go home? Unplug the Handy Cooler™ from the USB and throw in 4x AA batteries and take it on the go for the bus or the subway. Portable as it is, this hand held fan is capable cooling you anywhere. Keep your body temperature in your comfort zone anywhere with this revolutionary air-cooling battery operated fan.

Learn more about how Handy Cooler™ can help with hot flashes

*Ranking based on figures under cooling fans category on Amazon.com in June 2012

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