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Handy Cooler™: Frequently asked questions

How long does a new set of batteries run for?
At maximum power, approximately 4 hours.

Is the battery life longer when operating at a slower power/speed?
Yes. The variable power control is designed to use less battery when running at lower speeds.

How long before I need to re-soak the cooling filter?
Depending on the temperature and relative humidity; a hot and dry environment like Las Vegas will last 30 minutes before re-soaking is required. A humid climate will allow the cooling filter to remain wet for more than 2 hours before re-soaking is required.

How strong is the air breeze?
Handy Cooler™ is designed to create a light breeze of moist air which is cool and refreshing. NB: Used batteries produce less wind strength.

What color trims are available on Handy Cooler™?
  • Sky Blue

  • Soft Pink

  • Cool Black

*stock permitting.

How much does Handy Cooler™ cool the air?
This will depend on the surrounding temperature and humidity. It is best to use it in a hot and dry environment, like the dessert. The Handy Cooler can cool the air upto 30 degree.
Temperature drop chart.

Does using ice cold water help? Or putting the cooling filter in the fridge?
It has proven a positive results from some customers whoʼve tried it.

Why does the ambient environment (temperature and relative humidity) have so much effect on the cooling performance?
Handy Cooler™ operate based on the theory of evaporation. Hot and dry intake air would mean that more evaporation can take place, just like drying your clothes in the dessert. Cold and humid environments would mean the air does not readily promote evaporation to take place, therefore less cooling to occur. Remember, the reason why the air cools is because the heat energy in the water molecules are used up to cause it to evaporate. Once heat energy is used the temperature reduces; thus resulting in cold air. It is a concept of energy transfer.

Can I plug the USB into conventional socket power at home?
You can purchase an universal adaptor that outputs 6V DC from our online store.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?
Yes. Rechargeable batteries are not included. NB/ the USB cable does NOT charge the batteries.

Why does the output air smell ’peculiar’?
Referring to the instructions, you need to periodically wash and massage the cooling filter with antibacterial soap. You should also always open the filter cover after use to allow proper drying of the cooling filter. This should prevent any unpleasant mildew and odor forming on the filter.

What type of water can I use to fill the bottle?
Distilled, mineral or tap water.

Can I soak the cooling filter directly under a running tap or from our own drinking bottles?
Yes. As long as it is just water.

When do I have to buy a new cooling filter?
Approximately 1 years after continuous use, or when obvious wear and tear to the cooling filter is visible.

Why isn’t the air ‘cool’?
Firstly, you have to wait for the device to run-up (2 minutes) after starting.
Secondly, the environment of you are in must not be too humid for Handy Cooler™ to operate in. Please study temperature drop chart. Handy Cooler™ is an evaporative cooler. Evaporation takes place most effectively in dry (and hot) environments.

Manufacturerʼs Warranty
We offer 1 year warranty on all our products. Please contact us for a refund.


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