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Reviews From Users

“A smart and brilliant idea. Highly recommended to parents out there who spoil their kids like me.” - Brendan Hamer, TX

“An useful add-on to my stroller to keep my toddler nice and comfortable on those hot Arizona summer days. Thank you it-works innovations!” - Sam Reed, AZ

“... I wish I was small enough to fit in the stroller while my husband strolls me around in the park.” - Josephine Adams, MA

“Once I read an article in a parenting magazine about this cooling system, I immediately added it to my must-get list!” - Megan Palmer, OH

Say goodbye to poor air circulation
and hot sweaty backs of your little ones in the stroller.
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Is Handy Cooler™ sold separately?
Yes. The upgrade kit is an independent item.
*combo with 1x Handy Cooler™ now available!

How do I know the organizer will fit on my stroller?
If your stroller has two handles on the left and right side, the organizer will fit on your stroller. The organizer uses two velcro straps to secure itself onto the handles. *Item has been tested on most major stroller brands.

How much does it cool the air by?
Air can be cooled as much as 30F (16C) depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. To find out more about the effectiveness of Handy Cooler™ , click here. The upgrade kit is slightly less cold than the air coming directly out of Handy Cooler™ due to the passage of air through the air tube.

How does it draw in fresh air?
Handy Cooler™ is placed in a location in the organizer that allows it to draws air from outside.

Is the product dangerous to my baby?
Safety of your child is our priority. With proper use of the cooling kit, the product should not even be seen or within reach of your baby. Handy Cooler™ is placed behind the seat, whilst the air tube runs behind the back of the seat. The only part that is exposed is the opening of the air tube. This should be placed on the upper corner of the rear of the seat.

How does air circulate in the stroller?
Closing the hood allows the cool air to circulate within the seating area. This creates a comfortable draft of cool air onto the child.

How long does it last?
Battery life: at maximum power, up to 4 hours. Cooling filter duration: requires water to be added every 30 minutes to 2 hours. It is the same as using Handy Cooler™ by itself.

How does the air tube reach into the stroller? The air tube is extendable and flexible. It fits in the opening between the stroller hood and the back of the seat.

Can I add aromatherapy oils to Handy Cooler™ for my child? Yes. The usage of aromatherapy oils is the same as using Handy Cooler™ by itself. The aroma scent can be delivered via the air tube to your child.

Manufacturerʼs Warranty
We offer 1 year warranty on all our products. Please contact us for a refund.

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