Did not work. Handy Cooler. Personal cooling fan/ personal air conditioner/ personal air cooler.
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An air conditioning system for
baby strollers - Handy Cooler™ baby stroller upgrade kit.

Thanks to the cool air produced by Handy Cooler™ , this baby stroller cooling system provides a stream of fresh cool air into the stroller. This add-on kit consists of:

1) A universal organizer to carry a Handy Cooler™
2) A flexible air tube to deliver the cool air.

The kit circulates cool air within the stroller when the hood is closed and provides your child with a constant supply of cool air. The air tube is retractable to save space and fits on all stroller design. Handy Cooler™ remains on the rear of the baby seat out of sight and reach of your baby.

There is simply no better way to keep your baby cool in the stroller. This air conditioning system provides ‘first class’ climate control.
An air cooling system that protects your child from overheating in a stuffy stroller.
Cool moist air delivered to your child using an innovative air duct design!
*stroller not included
Included in the Kit
*Upgrade Kit requires Handy Cooler™

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