Did not work. Handy Cooler. Personal cooling fan/ personal air conditioner/ personal air cooler.
Reviews From Users

“Can’t believe it is so easy to use!” Sarah Foth, AZ

“I bought this as a gift for my nephew and he is now not so moody anymore in the stroller!” David Walker, CA

“[This kit] is a smart little idea.” Carol Branson, NJ

Price: WAS $94.90 NOW $59.99

How it Works ?
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Universal organizer that fits on most strollers
Handy Cooler™
Air tube to deliver cool air into the baby stroller
*stroller not included
Thanks to the evaporative cooling power of Handy Cooler™, cool air is collected in a flexible air tube which reaches into the seating area of the stroller. Handy Cooler™ is placed in a dedicated pouch of the universal organizer included. The organizer is fitted with two velcro straps which secure onto the two handles of the stroller. The system draws FRESH air from outside and delivers cool air to your little one!
A simple yet smart innovation. Treat your most loved ones.


Connect the air tube with Handy Cooler™
Strap the organizer on the two handles of your baby stroller

Place Handy Cooler™ with the tube in the organizer
Bend the air tube into the stroller seat!

Close the hood and you create a little air-conditioned seating area!
Say goodbye to poor air circulation and hot sweaty backs of your little ones in the stroller.

On hot summer days, it can get really hot in a baby stroller. Not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous when insufficient fresh air circulates in a baby stroller with a closed hood. Leaving overheated children in hot strollers can lead to cot death. Many parents avoid taking their young ones to the park or outdoor events in summer. Now this baby stroller air cooling product can change your life! This baby stroller stroller air conditioning system not only cools the air down before it reaches into the seating area of your baby, but it draws in fresh air from outside. This ensures a healthy circulation of cool fresh air.

Best for kid strollers, jogging strollers, and conventional strollers. An all new baby stroller accessory that your loved one needs on a hot summer day!

*Designed to fit on all strollers.
Technical specs
Universal Organizer

Dimension: 44cm x 31cm (17”x12”)
Weight: 100 grams
Material: Water-proof neoprene/nylon mesh
  • 2x water bottle holders.
  • 1x small compartment for wallet/phone.
  • 1x main bag.
  • 1x slot for Handy Cooler™.
  • 4x velcro straps with fish-hooks to stabilize on stroller.
Air tube

Diameter: 1.5”
Length: (extended/retracted): 32”/11”
weight: 150 grams
Material: ABS plastic with o-ring reinforcements

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